Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3rd unfinished bear head

ok, this is a partially finished head without his ears. Looks alot better than Mr Muscle though. hahaha..

i used plastic buttons for his eyes & painted it black with nail polish. Great result! i don even have to make holes for the eyes & get a even better eye socket. haha..

This is the 1st time i tried a triangular nose. pretty tough & it's completely crooked! oops...
His head is even more crooked. This is due to me being sloppy & not drawing the outlines properly as i thought that this new material (fleece) would not be able to support the stitches. It was so loose that if i pull hard enough, it will just tear. =( no excuses though. i'll be sure to be careful with its body. hee..

Mr Muscle aka Alien Bear

My 2nd bear!

Turned out super weird. Cos of his weird (cock-eyed) eyes & his muscled arms. hahaha..

i used flowers to disguise his arms. Din really succeed though. haha

Monday, April 27, 2009

Poppy aka PopEye

Poppy is my first bear (so named cos his eyes were popping out initially. haha!)

Made over several months in 2008 for my dear. =) Currently sitting in his car now.