Monday, October 12, 2009


I finally completed the bear! woohoo~

I'm pretty pleased with him this time round. it's my first design ever. The first pattern i ever drawn out and created. =)

He was supposed to be a rabbit but long ears just didnt suit him.

He was also supposed to be a little sad looking, not grouchy. but oh well, i supposed he was not happy that i wanted to make him a rabbit.

Grouchy is made of synthetic short pile mink & he's 2.5'' sitting abt 3.5'' standing. he's made to sit though & wouldnt like it much if u insisted and made him stand. He has bended knees & is thread jointed. He has little hearts at his arms and legs. Even though he looks so grouchy, he's really very sweet!

Despite his fierce demeanor, Grouchy is always kind to little babies so much that they often take advantage of him! He's particularly fond of a little baby panda who cant keep his paws out of mischief.

Pinky Pandy is a needle-felted little baby panda keychain. He's approx 1.2'' tall & is my first attempt at needle felting.

Pinky Pandy runs around all day and refuses to stay on a bunch of keys for too long. Pinky Pandy loves to hang around with Grouchy as he spoilsPinky Pandy rotten and give him lots of jam to eat!