Tuesday, July 13, 2010

wow.. it's been such a long time since i last updated. what has passed since then?

I've finally quit my job after thinking about it for a very long time & moved on to greener (i hope!) pastures. Since last monday, I've started on my new job and am feeling very tired everyday!

Katy has received Smudge a couple of weeks ago & I've received Bay from her. He's a darling little bear. ^_^ Coincidentally, we both designed our summer bears similarly. They are both going for a swim and have swimming floats and little rubber duckies! i swear they could have been siblings. hehe.. pics of them are at the end of the post.

I've actually just finished another little bear. but... he simply looks terrible... failure! that's another reason why i've been stuck in the rut for so long.. But! I've decided to leave him aside so that i can find my mojo again.  so now.. I am starting on a grey little bear today. Fur & design chosen. Head drawn already. Backing of fur is treated and waiting to dry. I can start cutting out the head tml. =)

Here's Smudge:

Here's Bay from Katy: