Saturday, December 29, 2012


Oh my goodness! I haven been in here for 2 years! I'm glad i still remember my password to this blog.

I've stopped making bears for a period of time as i was busy getting married, adjusting to in-laws and moving in to my new house!

I'm in the midst of a packing and arranging my very own hobbycraft room. So i can continue on my bears and craftwork soon! woohoo~ =D

In the meantime, I've found a new hobby to occupy myself. Baking and cooking. =D

Chicken in milk

Fried Rice

Sponge cake - quite a failure as its too dry and hard

Vanilla Pound Cake - i think this is more successful esp on the 2nd attempt. Only problem is that it's still abit dry. The 1st attempt tasted more like a chewy bread then anything else. @_0

I think i would like to try baking bread next time. 

And this: