Monday, January 4, 2010


Prince Charming is now available on ebay! Thank you for your support!

wth!!! 30min after listing on ebay, ebay suspended my account!! this is the 2nd time they suspended my account already. i'm super pissed with them right now. they suspended me for no reason! i din even do anything weird . argghh. that's it. i'm not gonna use ebay anymore. it's so annoying!!

the 1st time they suspended me, they refused to tell me why and even demanded for my personal documents. no way am i gonna fax my personal documents to some unknown place.

Your eBay account has been suspended. eBay took this action after determining that your account was acting inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our policies.

You are prohibited from using eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account.Any seller fees that are still owed are due to eBay immediately. eBay will charge any amounts that you have not previously disputed to the billing method that is currently on file.

We need you to take action. For more information about why your account may have been suspended and what steps to take now, please go to:


eBay Trust and Safety"

am considering bearpile or etsy now even though i have to pay for it

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