Monday, December 28, 2009


finally got my room painted, new curtain rod & curtains up, a huge new table for my craft work and the room cleaned! only left some packing and arranging of stuff left. =D

in between this time, i could not do any beary stuff since they were all in bags n boxes to prevent them getting dusty and dirty. so to satisfy my hands, i picked up crocheting! but oh man... it's so tough!

i can manage to do simple knots and stitches but i simply cant seem to get it right. i'm working on a hp pouch now. over the weekend, i tried a mini hat, a a couple of practice circles. but somehow it still keeps going awry. cant figure out where i'm going wrong.

found a couple of websites (with help from some lovely forum frenz) that offers patterns for bear's clothes and toys. but the jargon simply makes me even more confused. i think, i shall continue with my sewing and furry bears. it's much more satisfying and fun and my eyes wont get tied up in knots!

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