Thursday, December 3, 2009

Prince Charming.... refurbished!

Pls meet Prince Charming. He's all dressed up and ready for a Christmas date!

i'm really quite pleased with how he turned out. He was originally known as Little Pheobe from 1 of my earlier posts. She had an oddly mis-shapened head and very misaligned limbs. hahaha.

i readjusted his limbs, gave him a new head, felted nose, a little trim, some cologne to freshen up. He also has a new crown made of lace and hardened with PVA. And a little red rose for his beloved & a smart new bowtie!!

i also tried brushing on some fabric paint. So he looks as if he has frosted fur. i like it!! ohh, and i also sissor-sculpted his face! =D

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